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With roots in the punk scene and a great love for crude electronics
nordloef creates melodic, upbeat pop songs while at the same time squeezing out as much
music as possible from the limited hardware of his 1989 Nintendo Game Boy.

With over 150 shows around the globe nordloef has toured and played in the USA,
Japan, Russia and most parts of Europe. With shows ranging from secret clubs in
farms to techno parties in forests.

nordloef's live shows are best described as a mixture between a one-man punk show
and a sweaty DJ set. But instead of using two turntables, he uses two original
Game Boys. nordloef uses the softwares Live mode and rearranges the songs on the
spot. The Game Boys outputs are fed through external effects and tweaked live.



Live Game Boy Techno Set

Live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

For Booking and Inquiries Please Email:

c o n t a c t [ a t ] n o r d l o e f [ d o t ] c o m

Please check out my Facebook and Twitter for more frequent updates.

I'm a 100% independent artist and I'm not doing it for the money I'm doing it for the love of the music.
Most of my music is free I enjoy and support free music. However if you like my music and you want to show your
support come to one of my shows and if you just got paid feel free to buy me a beer ;) You are also very welcome
to make a donation. Donate how much or how little you want. Everything counts and will help me continue making music.

Thank you for your support!